What I love about EDIBLE CHICAGO is that if you care about where your food comes from, this publication really helps the readers connect to the true artisans we have available.
— Dana Benigno, Former Executive Director of Chicago's Green City Market

EDIBLE CHICAGO is a catalyst for the individuals and businesses who are striving to make changes
in our local food system. There’s a sense of community in this movement and EDIBLE CHICAGO is our scribe.
— LaManda Joy, Founder and Director, Peterson Garden Project

If someone advertises in EDIBLE CHICAGO or is featured in EDIBLE CHICAGO they are my kind of people and people I can really trust.
— Caroline Ziv, Local Food Advocate

I keep informed about what’s fresh, artisan and who makes the food by reading EDIBLE CHICAGO cover to cover.
— Chef Art Smith, Restaurant Owner and Best Selling Cookbook Author

EDIBLE CHICAGO is an indespensible resource for the consumer. We support the magazine’s tireless effort to put a face on every farmer and producer in our local food community.
— Greg O'Neill, Co-proprietor, Pastoral Cheese Bread and Wine