About Us

Edible Chicago would not be celebrating ten years in publishing without the loyal readership, advertiser partnerships and subscriber support, and our countless friends and family who have supported us in this journey of storytelling (including the Edible Communities publishing family).

We are also grateful to our extremely talented team of contributors-the writers, photographers and artists who have shared their passion and expertise to tell the stories of our local food community since the first issue. And our dedicated support staff handling sales and marketing. Above all, we celebrate those individuals-the chefs, farmers, growers, purveyors, food and drink artisan producers, authors, educators, policy makers and local food advocates of all ages who spend their days tirelessly providing healthier food options, information and resources to us all. Without these folks, we wouldn't have the good stories to tell.  

We are currently on a print hiatus for 2019 and actively looking for publishing partnerships. Contact us today if interested at hello@ediblechicago.com.